where to buy weed online UK. Cannabis can be used in many more ways than smoking it in a joint or a blunt. Recent developments in the cannabis industry have expanded the ways to consume cannabis, catering to a wider market.  weed for sale UK,marijuana for sale UK,buy Gummies online UK,buy smarties strain online

When it comes to cannabis consumption, there are three main methods:

  • Inhalation;
  • Oral; and
  • Topical.

Under these three main types are several other different ways to consume cannabis, with each one holding a purpose for different occasions or situations.

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Let’s look at these types on a much more detailed level:


These are some of the most common ways to consume cannabis. When cannabis is inhaled, the smoke enters the lungs before being absorbed into the bloodstream.

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1. Joints, Blunts, and Spliffs

Perhaps one of the most common ways to consume cannabis is through joints and blunts. After the dried flowers have been broken into small pieces using a grinder, rolling paper or blunt paper are used to smoke it. marijuana for sale UK

A joint consists of only cannabis and is rolled inside a thin rolling paper. Also, a blunt is rolled using cigar paper or blunt wrap, which is made out of tobacco and can add a buzz to your high. Then, there are “Spliffs”. Spliffs are like joints in that they use the same rolling paper, but the contents contain tobacco and cannabis.Check out our extensive collection of pre-rolls!

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2. Hand Pipes

Small, convenient, and easy to use, hand pipes are the most common smoking device available on the market today. Available in countless styles and forms, hand pipes are considered one of the most preferred ways to consume cannabis due to their functionality. Hand pipes trap the smoke from burning leaves, which is then simply inhaled by the consumer. buy Gummies online UK

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This simple-yet-stylish Mini Classic Sherlock hand pipe by Grav Labs can get the job done, anytime and anywhere!

3. Hookahs

Usually associated with smoking shisha or wet tobacco, hookahs are sometimes used as a cannabis consumption method too. To use, cannabis is mixed with tobacco to maximize burning due to the low water content. Multiple tokers can use the hookah at the same time, providing a unique smoking experience. buy smarties strain online

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4. Bongs and Bubblers

Firstly, bongs are one of the oldest methods of smoking cannabis and are equipped with a bowl that holds the dried flowers. As the users inhale, the water percolates and the smoke rises up through the chamber before entering through the mouth and lungs. Bubblers, or “mini-bongs,” have the same effect but come in a more convenient size.

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