How to buy weed online Ireland

buy weed online Ireland, laws are in very need of change. Cannabis activists in the state such as, Cork Cannabis Activist Network, are pushing hard for legalisation in Ireland. Hopefully, European countries are becoming more open-minded towards cannabis legalisation because of the experience of multiple North American states that continue to prove legalization of cannabis can be profitable for local budgets. Medical marijuana for sale Ireland, buying weed online England, buy weed near me London, order cannabis online.

We had the chance to discuss Cannabis legalization in Ireland with Nicole, the founder of the Cork Cannabis Activist Network, who explain o us what the cannabis laws are in the country and what their work consists of to help change them. If you want to understand Cannabis Laws in Ireland, this may interest you. Medical marijuana for sale Ireland
buy weed online Ireland, medical marijuana for sale Ireland, buying weed online England, buy weed near me London, order cannabis online

“The system here is basically a mess. People are being criminalise for being caught with joints, or tiny amounts of cannabis, as well as for growing cannabis and possessing it in larger quantities, even if it’s for personal use.” – Nicole, Founder of CCAN, the Cork Cannabis Activist Network, advocates of cannabis legalization in Ireland. buying weed online England

Can you possess cannabis in Ireland?

Possessing cannabis is illegal in Ireland, as stated in the Misuse of Drugs Acts (1977-2016). In accordance with Ireland’s regulation, possession for personal use and possession with intent to supply punishments reflect certain distinctions when it comes to its penalties.
for sale Ireland, Possession of cannabis in s Ireland, results in a €1,000 fine. It can be extend to €1,270 for a first offence and €2,540 for a second if it is consider excessive.
After a third offense you may face a prison sentence. It is up to one year to three year. Courts must consider community service instead of a prison sentence, in all cases where up to a year’s imprisonment is deemed the right punishment. buy weed near me London

Can you grow cannabis in Ireland?

It may not come as a surprise that it’s illegal to grow your own cannabis plants in Ireland. Cannabis cultivation equipment is prohibitedx in line with the Psychoactive Substances Act, as well. Police raid in a single operation 60 major cannabis-producing factories. With a total street value exceeding €6million. order cannabis online ireland

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