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Are you looking to Buy skywalker OG strain UK. Skywalker OG is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that produces a heavy and cerebral body buzz. Only found in the more expensive skunk and moon strains, Skywalker OG commands your attention and is an appealing, long-lasting hit of potent euphoria. However, you can also get Mushrooms for sale UK, buy Gelato 41 weed UK, buy cheap hash online uk, sativa strains uk

Skywalker OG is a sedating indica, with effects similar to other high rated strains. It may lead to drowsiness when used on a day-to-day basis.

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On the heels of the original OG release from 1998, the Skywalker OG is a big winner with its fans and is becoming more widely recognised and well known. The OG Kush strain is a full flowering, sativa dominant variety which offers THC in levels that have gone down over time as cannabis became harder to produce. It has retained since its concept release in 1998 to become much stronger

Having a good dose of THC means that Skywalker OG Kush will leave you with a deep, earthy flavor and overall high-body buzz. The strain is fast growing and resistant to quite some degree; once planted in ground then the plant should be ready for harvest the first year after.

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Skywalker OG is a potent indica-dominant strain that smells strongly of hashes, as well as soft piney pineapples and citrus notes. The nugs smell uprooted, dried and dusty. 6% THC content.

If you’re hoping for a galactic adventure, Skywalker will be your co-pilot. An instant high that’s super heavy, you’ll feel properly stoned after a hit or two. You’ll experience your body completely fusing with the couch and leaving you relaxed and happy. Buy cheap hash online

A fast bite of your favorite snack will give you the energy needed to catch up with life. Your body will warm up, yet it feels a little numb. Sativa strains uk

OG will subtract from your body’s magnesium levels, causing chronic pain. It may trigger headaches or nausea as well. Avoid taking OG for a long period if you have these symptoms to avoid any negative side effects

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