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buy moonrock battery online Europe

The best place to buy moonrock battery online Europe. The 510-USB port on the underside of the Moonrock Clear battery accepts 5V/0.5A charges. The battery can prevent damage from low voltage, short circuits, and overcharging. Get this battery and use it with your Moonrock Clear oil cartridge. The Moonrock oil cart battery may be activated with a simple draw and has a 350mAh capacity. When the indicator light changes to green or begins steadily blinking, you know the battery is fully charged. Our store gives customers the opportunity to Moonrock clear battery for sale, 90% thc cartridge, thc vape oil UK, best thc vape pens uk

Moonrock clear battery for sale

Zodiak’s Moonrock Clear Batteries may be used in a wide variety of devices thanks to their 510 thread. These button-less batteries are offered in a rainbow of six colours. Purple, hot pink, red, green, yellow, and blue are among the colours available.Moon rocks are like the vintage of cannabis: incredibly potent and flavorful. They are often referred to as the “caviar” of the cannabis market.

90% thc cartridge

They take multiple marijuana strains and fuse them together to create one super nug. Moon rocks first gained widespread notice after West Coast rapper Kurupt patented his own brand and popularised them with his music. Their name comes from the fact that they look like moon rocks. Another possibility is that even the most experienced cannabis user will feel an unusual amount of euphoria when using them. Best thc vape pens uk, thc vape oil UK

In what ways does the Moonrock Battery manifest itself?

The power of a moon rock is substantial. Many users have commented on the large, fragrant clouds of smoke and the delicious, gratifying kief.

THC is the principal psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, responsible for much of the “high” that users report. Moon rocks have a higher THC content than normal cannabis, resulting in stronger effects.

The potency of the effects will depend on both the strain and the individual’s tolerance. Someone unaccustomed to cannabis’s effects will likely be more affected by high-THC strains. As the dose is increased, so too do the effects.

The appearance of Dr Zodiak Moonrock Clear Batteries

You may learn more about the design and functionality of Moonrock’s transparent battery by clicking Here.

CCELL™ technology

There are seven distinct hues to pick from.
LED light showing battery life when inhaling; separately packaged in a moonrock box
Includes a USB power adapter and comes in a complete package.
Dr. Zodiac Moonrock Clear Batteries are available in a wide range of colours, and they work best with our MOONROCKTM CLEAR CARTRIDGES.



a pale blue






Specifications for the Dr. Zodiac Moonrock crystal-clear battery
Energy storage capacity: 350 mAh
Battery life is estimated to be 300 charges, and charging time to be 1-2 hours.
Safeguards against overcharging and low voltage
Substance: a coating of stainless steel
Dimensions: L 88.7 mm x W 11.2 mm



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